About Us

Shumstar Global Business Solutions Limited was formed after merger of two companies  Shumstar Consultants & Global Business Solution  which grew into a complete corporate solution known for its innovative and quality services. With around a decade of experience today we stand tall when it comes to delivering  out of box services. Our team is innovative and loves challenges and never get complacent of its achievements. Coming from vivid industries we carry cumulative experience that makes us preferred partner for many businesses across globe. We provide business support  with our plethora of services, making us known as  “ONE TOUCH CORPORATE SOLUTIONS”

Trust gets the best business outcome.

  1. Where there is Trust, there is Credibility.
  2. Where there is Credibility, there is Reliability.
  3. Where there is Reliability, there is Intimacy.
  4. And where there is Intimacy, new ideas flow of their own volition.
  5. That’s the kind of trust, we want to build with our clients, and help them build the same level of trust with their consumers.

Trust us.
We’ve been in the business for over a decade. We’ve done business with clients across the globe. Our aim is simple – never underestimate or under value your customer. We’ll cut the clutter and bring heart-warming creativity to the table for every brand.