Branding, Marketing & Promotions

Shumstar Global Business Solutions is one stop for all your branding, promotions and marketing needs. Whatsoever your product is we have customised solutions for you. In the fast changing world our solutions matches your needs. we create a positive perception for your Brand, Product, Services, Profile and Reputation. It is this perception and image of your Brand or Product, which makes you reach out to your prospective and potential clientele with a positive and clear approach. Customers in this competitive market essentially needs to have awareness, recognition and made to understand the benefits. Let us look at the bouquet of Branding, Marketing and Promotional solutions…….

Outdoor Marketing

Hoardings, Billboards & Unipole

Light Boxes and Frontlit

Digital Display Boards (Plasma)

Display Scroll Boards

Sun Packs & Banners

Posters & Flags

Branding is creating a consistent image for your company, products, and services. The key to success in branding is to communicate a consistent message to consumers about your product or service in all of your advertising, promotions, and public relations. For example, a local pizzeria that wants to brand itself as the best Italian restaurant in town should not offer tacos or stir-fry on its menu. That dilutes its brand and confuses consumers as to what type of restaurant it really is. All small-business advertising and promotions should reinforce the brand.

Marketing is an objective discipline that involves the research, creation, pricing, testing, and distribution of a product or service. Marketing involves analyzing the competition by researching their pricing, products, where they sell, and age, race, gender, and other characteristics of their customers. A small business uses market research to test ideas and products on potential customers and to get feedback on the products or service. Market research also discovers what price consumers would pay for a proposed product or service, where they would purchase it, and how often they would use it.

Promotions are events, activities, sponsorships, and contests that create and increase awareness of your product or service. Promotions differ from advertising because they are less educational in nature than traditional advertisements. Sponsoring a youth sports organization, giving away free samples at a mall, offering coupons in grocery stores, or promoting a sweepstakes or contest that bring customers to your website are all examples of promotions. Promotions should be geared toward the consumer demographic your market research determined is your best potential customer.